Teressa's Tulum Travel Guide

My actual favorite place in the whole world. Tulum has everything- shopping, amazing food, the best beaches, the coolest hotels... booking that return flight gets tougher and tougher each time.
Of course you can't travel without the essentials-sunscreen, a good book, cute swimsuits, and a straw hat of course! Shop our favorite summer straws here :). I'm personally bringing one our sick new raffia straws- preorder here and they'll be at your door in 4-6 weeks, perfect for an end of summer trip!
Now onto my favorite spots...
Where you need to be the morning after a late night drinking mezcals. Reset with the best smoothie bowls and juices. Everything is so fresh and filling- we can’t get enough.
This sustainable boutique has everything you need- like, you could show up in Tulum with an empty suitcase, stop at Caravana, and leave the best-dressed girl on the beach. Everything is so good, and they do good in return. Each garment is made with locally sourced, natural materials, and Caravana supports the community of artisans that make each piece. 
If you love matcha this is the place to get your daily fix. The perfect place for breakfast on the go, but be sure to leave enough time to grab a pic by the I Love Tulum so Matcha surfboard. 
Go for the drinks + live music. The modern Mexican cuisine is also so good ‑ they use seasonal local ingredients and the menu is designed with plates that are meant to be shared! Lucky for me they also have a location in New York (and Miami!), so even when I’m not in Tulum, I can pretend I am. Actually jungle, concrete jungle ‑ same thing.
My favorite place to plug in and work in Tulum (which is sometimes necessary!). Best juices and an insane caprese salad. 
This is the place to eat in Tulum. Get there early- like at 3 o’clock- or make a reservation for dinner like a month in advance. It’s a tiny place that cooks and grills all of the food via open fire inside their hand-made wood-burning oven. I seriously wish there was a Hartwood in every city.
It’s no secret that Tulum can be quite the party destination, but it’s also one of my favorite places to reset and restore my body. Yäan Healing Sanctuary is a place I love to recenter and rejuvenate. It’s literally paradise within paradise. We all love the energy healing sessions and soothing sun therapy treatment- a lifesaver for when you’ve spent too much time in the sun.
Drinks, dinner, and good vibes in the heart of the jungle. A great place for memorable conversations with friends over mezcal and fresh food- I love kicking off my Tulum trips with dinner here. Be sure to check their event calendar out as well!
Probably the closest thing to paradise on earth. What once was *allegedly ;)* Pablo Escobar’s mansion is now the chicest hotel we’ve ever seen- thanks to art collector Lio Malca. The bar is covered in Keith Haring wallpaper, and there’s this insane golden head statue in a courtyard that I’m obsessed with. Rumor has it that Escobar hid a treasure on the property, but we think the real treasure is the beach in the hotel’s backyard- the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.
The artisan studio is what’s really special here- actually that’s a lie- everything about Treehouse is super special. The open-air kitchen uses a wood-burning oven and the chefs come up with the most insane Mexican dishes. The rooms are gorgeous and minimalist in the best way. There’s always a ton of creative people here and I always feel right at home.
Founded by Daniella Hunter- who also makes insane clothes just fyi (see: @bydaniellahunter)- I love this plant-based, gluten + grain free cafe. Super hot weather calls for refreshing food, and there’s no better place to grab lunch than Real Coconut. And if you can’t make it to Tulum right now, they have a great cookbook!
Another Daniella Hunter gem- this eco-friendly hotel is truly a sanctuary. I love their yoga classes and sound healings. The best place for lounging by the beach and sipping something out of a coconut.
64 completely unique suites make up this hotel. Not to mention each one has a private pool and in‑room copper tub (never leaving the hotel never looked so good!). You MUST try their oyster bar and the Yäan Healing Sanctuary is right in their backyard ‑ so say hellllloooo to paradise.
Breezy beach dresses are a Tulum stape, and Spiritum’s are the best. Everything is so lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. We love their founder, Rosana (read more about her in our journal!), and you might even see a familiar hat in her store ;)
You have to take their essential healing course with Bibi. It’s truly life-changing. They also have amazing yoga classes.
A true jungle oasis. Habitas is not only a resort filled with wellness experiences, art, adventure, and relaxation, but they are also totally plastic free. Habitas loves a good ritual, and they welcome each guest with a traditional Mayan welcome experience- you’ll be totally transported.
No-frills, non-descript, locals only. While I love a luxurious, curated, Michelin starred dinner, sometimes the best food you’ll have is at that little hole in the wall- and that’s what Taqueria Honorio is. Go early (they open at 6 a.m. and sell out by lunch), eat everything, and be oh so happy.
Cenotes are the must do thing in Tulum. Beyond beautiful natural swimming holes with the clearest water you’ve ever seen. You’ll see so many beautiful sea creatures and insane rock formations. Talk to your hotel concierge about the best way to get to them- a little bit of a trek but insanely worth it. Dos Ojos, the Gran Cenote, and Escondido cenotes are my personal favorites.
The Ruins
As much as we love just laying on the beach during vacation, you have to see the ruins in Tulum. The city was a major trading and religious center between the 11th and 16th centuries and is one of the coolest Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. Seriously, a must.

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