Bespoke Hats

Custom straw hats start at $750 | Custom felt hats start at $1,750.

Made to Measure designs deliver in 6-8 weeks.

Artist Atelier designs deliver in 3-4 months
If you're dreaming of something that's sold out, click "Notify Me" and we will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if the style can be made to measure.

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Custom Hat Inquiry

felt weight

Western + Dress

Our felts are available in two weights of felt - Western and Dress. The body of Western weight felts are much stiffer and more rigid than Dress weight felts are - they are extremely durable and great for traveling and constant wear. Dress weight felts are much lighter and have a bit more flex to them.

Straw Weave

Cuenca, Brisa, Milan, Raffia...

Our Panama hats are consciously sourced from a family-owned business in Ecuador whose mission is to celebrate the Panama straw tradition while focusing on quality, social responsibility, the environment + their community. While most of our Panama straws are a Cuenca or Brisa weave, we also offer five other weaves!