#InMyScrubs challenge

Alone, together. 

We're a bunch of New Yorkers who couldn't stomach watching our local health care system become overrun by Covid-19 cases, from the screens of our phones. It was clear members of the community weren't taking the pandemic seriously, because, from our respective windows in Lower East Side, Tribeca, Brooklyn Heights, Clinton Hill, the streets were still filled with people. We wanted to change that. 

It was time to activate our quarantine crew through digital means and do our part to spread the message of sheltering in place, and support our health care workers on the the front lines. We wanted to find a way to support hospitals and local restaurants, which is how we developed the #InMyScrubs campaign. 100% of community donations to our GoFundMe are used buy meals for health care workers from local restaurants. Hospital staff get delicious meals, and local restaurants receive revenue. 

We're a group of friends who want to make a difference and a crew of proud New Yorkers who want to support our city. Join us.

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