Four Noble Healing's Frances Naude's Essentials + Stress-Busting Secrets + Laguna Beach Event Details!

We are so excited to welcome you to a community building event with three local female owned and operated businesses! Long time friends Teressa Foglia and Frances Naude have collaborated to bring a morning of high vibrations to kick your weekend off in beautiful Laguna Beach.

We will kick of the morning with Frances, who will lead a collective Tarot Card reading to bring awareness of the current energy in the cosmos, followed by some clear guidance to direct us forward in our Highest Light!

Following Tarot, Abbie will lead you through a gentle yoga class to awaken your connection to your magic. While you are resting in savasana at the end of class, you will receive a sound healing from Frances to seal in all the good vibes!

Before we send you on your way with some special gifts from Teressa, enjoy connecting with other souls with some treats from Zinc Café, coffee + tea from Laguna Coffee Company, and beverages by Recess + Blessed Booch!

Unfortunately, the event is sold out, but we hope you can join us for our next one!



9:30am - Arrive and settle in

9:40am - Tarot Cards

10:00am - Yoga

10:45am - Sound Healing

11:00 Community mixer with snacks from Zinc Café, coffee + tea from Laguna Coffee Company, and beverages by Recess + Blessed Booch

We also got the chance to sit down with Frances and ask her all about mentorship, stress, and her essentials. Read on to find out her stress-busting secrets!

For those unfamiliar with sound healings/tarot cards, can you give us a quick explanation of the practices?
Sound healing is the art in which musical notes/tones create specific vibrations that are very healing to the body. There are many ways to work with sound including singing bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, drums, the list goes on! My personal favorites are singing bowls and Koshi chimes.
Tarot Cards provide clarity and guidance about a situation at hand, and allow you to see your current reality as well as gain insight on how to move forward in the best way. Tarot ‘works’ because we are guided by our Spiritual Teams, who work through our intuition to lead us to the card that is best suited to the energy of the current time. 
How did you start four noble? Did you have any mentors? What led you to be a healer?
I started Four Noble very slowly as a passion project. Many moons ago, I was fresh out of college and working a job that was not aligned with me. I needed soulful purpose, and enrolled in night classes to become a health coach. That was my gateway into the wellness world. This led me to completing my Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT 200), and from here, my life was never the same. Yoga taught me SO many new ways of thinking in regards to my mind-body-soul connection, the possibilities of spiritual beliefs outside of organized religion, and how to have trust in each moment of life’s journey. Upon graduating from my yoga training, I was hooked, and took every class and workshop I could get my hands on.
On the spiritual side of things, I had many teachers along the way who lead the classes and certification programs I took (who are wonderful!), but in regards to mentorship, it felt hard to find. Because of this, I actually created my own Spiritual Mentorship program which gives anyone hoping to expand in their spirituality a deep, foundational knowledge to build upon. I will say, I learned more than I could have ever known through trial and error, trust, ‘just going for it’, and personal development. I also worked with other healers who could hold space for me when I needed some extra support.
On the business side, I had a fabulous mentor, Grace (@quench.collective) who helped me organize my business and more importantly, see my value in what can sometimes feel like an overly saturated space. I also believe that some of my greatest mentors were those I observed from afar. These were people that I knew, people I didn’t know, and people in all different industries, but I gravitated towards those who did things creatively, passionately, and in their own way. A few are my dad, Teressa Foglia (hi!!!), Keegan Fong (@woonkitchen), Sophia Amoruso, and Taylor Swift (music taste aside, this woman is a power house. But yes, I do know the words to all her songs).
As I touched on before, my road to being a healer was a bit windy. But from what I understand about existence now, I know that it was exactly the path I needed to be on. Each moment was a breadcrumb that led me to the next, and trusting those moments (even when I didn’t know where they were leading) brought me to the most magical life. I have always hand intuitive strengths and have always loved being of service, so to be able to combine those two passions into something that helps others step into their Highest Selves has been the greatest gift.
5 things you absolutely can not live without- can be beauty, health, anything!
My family (fur babies included), the beach, my card decks, my bed, and food, especially a bomb-a** veggie sandwich or burrito (you would not like to see me when I’m hungry… the zen goes right out the door haha!)
What's your 15 minute "quick fix" to calm down during a stressful situation?
Pause, go somewhere by myself when possible (usually my bed or outdoors), and let whatever happens happen. I let myself feel the emotions fully for about 5 minutes, and give myself time to be in it and express. Then I like to comfort myself like a would a best friend or a child, speaking kindly and lovingly and offering helpful advice/solutions from the mindset of that person. This allows me to see the bigger picture, and come back to center. From here I like to breathe deeply, often visualizing my chakras aligning, my energy being connected to the Earth and the Heavens, and white light flowing through me and all around me as a high vibe, protective barrier against all bad vibes.

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