Although we are opening our shop in Malibu by appointment, we understand that many of you are hesitant to return to shopping. To honor these feelings, we are committed to continuing the option of curbside pickup, home delivery, virtual appointments, and our newest feature of home try-on. Exciting news: our entire in-store inventory is now online as well including our apparel, accessories and home goods (yay) right here!

We’re excited to bring the joy of hats to your home with the introduction of our “Try at Home” program with our Ready to Ship hats.
So how does it work?
  1. First, you’re going to need your hat size! Don’t know it? Watch this video! Once you have your measurement, you can reference our size guide for the best hat size for you.
  2. Now comes the fun part! We recommend getting inspired for your appointment by browsing dozens of unique styles on our website. Click “Ready to Ship” on the left main navigation bar and select your size from the dropdown menu. Generally you can look at one size up and one size down since we can resize our hats just a bit. 
  3. Next, book an appointment with a virtual stylist here. During this appointment we can answer any questions you have and it's your chance to see your favorite hats in more detail!
  4. Once your final two hats have been selected, we will collect your card information for non-refundable $200 deposit and your hats will be shipped the next morning!
  5. When your hats arrive, try them on and make a decision by the next day when they are due back at UPS. You will use the same box, find a return label inside and drop off at our local UPS. Please contact us with any issues!
  6. From here you can purchase either or both of the hats that were sent to you or choose to go another direction with a different hat / custom. Your deposit can be used toward anything online including custom hats and gift certificates.

We’re new to all of this as well, so if you have any additional questions or if we didn’t cover something there, please email us

*As a reminder, our hats are bespoke, one-of-a-kind art pieces, please only wear the hats for trying on purposes. We prohibit wearing in public, posting the hats on social media or use in advertisements until your hat has been paid for. Sadly, we have had issues with this in the past and have had to revise our policy to charge for the full value of the hat(s).