Hat Care

How to clean your felt hat

To clean your felt hat, use a low grade sandpaper or hat brush to remove any small marks. Buff the felt lightly in small, circular motions until the mark is removed. Use a lint roller to pick up any loose fur.

How to clean your straw hat

To clean your straw hat, use a damp cloth to lightly pat out any marks. Be sure that the cloth isn't soaking wet as this can cause damage to the straw.


Insert your hat stretcher and give it a really good stretch. With the hat stretcher still inside the hat, iron the brim with steam - this is what is really going to stretch the felt. Flatten the brim with some weight (books, crystals, anything heavy) and let it sit overnight with the stretcher inside. Remove the hat stretcher + give the brim another press to finish the stretching.

How to Shorten Your Hat Brim

Start by pressing the brim flat with a steam iron. Next, measure how long you want the brim to be and mark the length on your hat. Using a brim cutter, place the inside curve against the base of the crown and make sure the brim cutter is level and even on top of the brim. Move the blade to where you marked the brim. Slowly slide the brim cuttter along the brim, applying light pressure and making sure to keep the curve against the crown the entire time. Once you've gone around the hat, lift up the brim cutter and remove the excess felt from the edge of the hat. Use a low grade sand paper to sand the edges and then you're done!

how to store your tf hat

TF Hat Box

To ensure your hat stays in pristine condition, we reccommend storing it in a hat box to protect it from sun damage, dust or other life mishaps. Our classic Teressa Foglia hat box is perfect for storing one straw or felt hat and is small enough to fit conveniently in your closet or under your bed. Our Traveler's Hat Box was designed with the true Hat Lover in mind - crafted with the finest upcycled luxury leather and large enough to stack 4 hats. Check out some other ways to store your hat here.

How To Make Your Hat Smaller

Flip your hat upside down and lift up the leather sweatband that around base of the crown. Underneath the sweatband, line the base with hat padding. Flip the sweatband down over the padding and then try the hat back on - if it's too snug, cut the padding into a smaller piece and follow the steps above. Repeat until it feels perfect. Once you have the right amount of padding, remove the adhesive backing and stick the padding to the felt in the desired position

How To Straighten A Bent Hat Brim

Place a tea towel over the brim of your hat and using a steam iron, apply some steam and iron around the entire brim of your hat. Once you've ironed around the brim a few times and have gotten the brim flat, you can use some weight (books, crystals, anything heavy) to place on top of the brim to give it an extra press. Let the hat sit with the weight on it for at least 30 minutes and then you'll be good to go! Repeat if necessary.

how to travel with your tf hat

Traveler's Hat Box

Having traveled to over 35 countries, always with hats in tow, we've designed the perfect lightweight, handcrafted hat box that is crafted using the finest up-cycled luxury leather. Designed to stack up to 4 hats + pack additional items in the hat box, we've included multiple pockets and elastic bands on the bottom of the hat box to secure hat brims or your laptop. The best part is that you can fit it in the overhead and it's so lightweight you'll be bringing it on every road trip + flight you have coming up.