Weekend in Mexico City!


I spent the weekend visiting a dear friend who was there for work and took advantage of shopping the mercados, exploring the buzzing downtown, and I'm pretty sure we ate every taco in sight.

Maybe a little too much tequila the night before, ey? 

It's a photographer's paradise with its bright colors everywhere you look!


Lalo was on everyone's list of recommendations, and it did not disappoint!

How cute are all these little spots to eat on the street?

The gorgeous entry to Rosetta.

Really loved visiting Publico - such a cool café!

We went to so many incredible restaurants - scroll down to the map at the end for all of our favorites spots!

This tiny taco spot had my favorite street tacos!

My favorite museums were the Museo Jumex + Museo de Arte Moderno.

I brought home so much beautiful art.

Visiting Casa Barragán actually blew my mind. The colors, the simplicity; the best way to describe it - "emotional architecture."

Everyone was so sweet + friendly! 

I did more shopping in the DF than most of the cities that I travel to - I came home with tons of blankets, hat accessories and so many beautiful silks.

If you're heading to Mexico City anytime soon, feel free to let me know if you need any recommendations :) Below is a map I put together that you can download for your next adventure to the DF.


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