Meet Slow Fashion + Design Expert, Angeline Hayling of Island Tribe

At Teressa Foglia, we believe in lifting up other female artisans and their small businesses around the world. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring some of our favorite artists, business owners, and designers in our journal. This week we're featuring Angeline Hayling of Island Tribe! Be sure to read all the way through for an exclusive Island Tribe discount code!

Angeline is a fashion designer, stylist, and best selling author championing sustainability and artisan craftsmanship. Her extensive global travels and experience in responsible fashion seek to inspire and empower women to live consciously through a holistic lifestyle. Angeline’s feminine bohemian designs have been featured in Vogue, Oprah Magazine, In-style, and Forbes. We were so grateful to have Angeline speak at our Big Hat Magic Retreat about all things slow fashion + sustainability.

Who/what inspires you? 

Global travels have immensely inspired my love for fashion. I’ve sourced fabrics in the buzzing markets of Mumbai, India; hand-selected trims in the villages of Nairobi, Kenya; and hiked the cobbled streets of Valladolid, Mexico; searching for materials. I’m incredibly passionate about the design process. I’m always glued in from the inspiration stages, pattern cutting, to the first fitting after the final stitch.

Travel has also strengthened my empathy towards others and respect for culture. If we can’t see “eye to eye, let’s try heart to heart’. Through my humanitarian work with The American Red Cross and The International Rescue Committee, I’ve learned that even in distress, kindness, empathy, and a smile, can diffuse most conflicts.

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Where would you recommend a friend visiting from out of town? 

I love being outdoors in nature. Going for hikes, camping, and basking in all the beauty nature has to offer. One of my favorite places that cater to all of my favorite things is Moonrise Ranch. It’s a magical glamping destination in the high desert near Idyllwild, California. You can sleep under the stars, shower in the outdoors, make your own organic meals, reconnect with nature & nuzzle an off-track thoroughbred racehorse. 

Moonrise is woman-owned and co-founded by Katherine and Mary. Mary’s mission of rescuing slaughter-bound racehorses and filmmaker Katherine’s search for seclusion, artistic inspiration, and a business-for-good gave birth to their merging visions. Moonrise Ranch & Sanctuary is a place where guests are inspired & renewed, and thoroughbreds get a second chance at life. 10% of the cost of your stay is donated to the non-profit rescue co-located within their glamping oasis. So plan your next glamping retreat feeling fulfilled, knowing that you’re giving back. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m a morning person, so I usually wake up by 5 am. I love to start my day with an early morning meditation. It’s a gentle way to release grogginess, connect with my inner self, and set the tone for a more successful day.  After these, I engage in some sort of exercise depending on my location. If I’m home in Palm Springs, it’s a morning hike. If I’m in Bali, it’s a beach run; incorporating a daily wake-up routine has become my anchor, especially in fashion as my days become busier and often unpredictable.  Then dive right into running operations for the brand.

Thank you so much to Angeline and the team at Island Tribe. Check them out on Instagram and online.

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  • Love this!!! I also love the long cream dress in the shot and the hat, is that by the designer? I recently bought a hat that you guys added feathers to and it turned out gorgeous I love it! So does everyone else. I ordered another pink cat and so I have to figure out the design I want on it but I have enjoyed meeting you guys and look forward to doing business with you again! Terry Holbrook

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