Hat Making Demonstration

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We are excited for our next workshop in partnership with Wanted Design in Industry City.

The workshop will take place from 1-3pm at our store and atelier in Industry City, building 5.

My partner Tyler and I will discuss how we got into hats, our sustainable mission and walk you through our process from blocking to trimming.

After the workshop, we invite you design your own custom hat with us. Hat fees apply.

The workshop is free to attend, but we ask for a $75 deposit to reserve your space in the workshop. When you check-in for the event, your deposit will be returned.

Please note that while the workshop is informative, this is not an advanced class, it is meant to be fun Saturday activity to enjoy on your own or with friends.

We will begin promptly at 1:15 pm with about an hour demonstration, followed by questions and greetings!

If you have not visited us in Industry City, be sure to check out their website for a full list of events that are happening on December 7.

December 7


51 35th St

Brooklyn, NY 11232

Thank you!