The Art of Millinery


We believe in quality over quantity, handmade over mass made and that standing out is always better than blending in.

Hat Size + Material is great


It all starts with your hat size. We prefer to wear our hats just slightly over our exact measurement for comfortability.


Then comes the choice of material - usually between felt and straw. Our commitment to excellence means we exclusively utilize ethically sourced fur felt, and our straw hats are meticulously handwoven by our skilled artisan collaborators in Ecuador.

Our Process


Amidst the myriad options in hat shapes, we have a soft spot for the timeless appeal of our classic pinched crown and flat brim design. The beauty lies in its adaptability - you have the freedom to customize the height and brim to align perfectly with your preferences.

jazz IT UP

We embark on the journey of narrating your story. The most exceptional hats are the ones that grant us the creative liberty to excel in our craft - ensuring that you feel truly exceptional in your bespoke design. Share with us your anecdotes and draw inspiration from the array of designs showcased online & in-store.


Once your design reaches its final form, a video will be sent to your inbox for your approval. If you designed your hat virtually, your hat will be delivered in our exquisite pink hat box. If you opt for an in-person fitting, our team will coordinate a convenient appointment for you at one of our boutiques.